Course curriculum

  • 1

    Getting Started with PowerPoint 2016

    • Opening PowerPoint and Touring the Interface

    • PowerPoint Views

  • 2

    Creating & Saving Presentations

    • Creating a Blank Presentation. Examining the Layout and Notes.

    • Create a New Presentation Based on Templates and Themes.

    • Create a New Presentation Based on an Existing One.

    • Closing a PowerPoint Presentation

    • Saving Presentations PDF and JPEG Formats. Password Protecting Presentations.

  • 3

    Building Presentations

    • Using Layouts to Create New Slides and Modify Existing Ones.

    • Rearranging, Deleting and Hiding Slides.

    • A Tour of Themes. Themes vs. Templates.

    • Modifying and Creating Custom Themes.

    • Inserting and Formatting Shapes.

    • Working With Slide Backgrounds.

  • 4

    Formatting and Modifying Text

    • 6 Ways to Select Text

    • Using Cut, Copy, Paste and the Office Clipboard.

    • How to AutoFit Text to Slides.

    • Format Text as WordArt. Replacing Fonts. Copying Formatting with the Painter.

    • Bullets & Numbering.

    • Aligning, Spacing and Rotating Paragraphs.

  • 5

    Adding Images and Shapes

    • Insert Pictures from Computer Best Practices

    • Get Pictures Online Best Practices Recommendations

    • Editing Images Crop Resize Backgrond Transparet Rotate Compress

    • How to Remove Picture Background

    • Inserting Screenshots.

    • Creating Shapes, Adding Text, Changing Colors.

    • Working with Multiple Shapes: Merging and Combining.

    • Move to Back Front Selection Pane

    • Align To Slide Selected Objects Distribute

    • Create Edit WordArt Group Items

  • 6

    Creating Portfolios with the Photo Album

    • Create Photo Album

    • Edit Photo Album Add Delete Pics Change Layout

  • 7


    • SmartArt - Demo

    • Two Ways to Create SmartArt

    • Changing SmartArt Layouts. SmartArt Picture Layouts.

  • 8


    • Demo Transitions vs Animation

    • Applying Animations to Text and Objects

    • Animation Categories Entrance Emphasis Exit

    • Animation Pane Select Individual Animation

    • Animation by Timer

    • Clearing Animation

    • Animation Painter

  • 9


    • What are Tables? 3 Methods for Creating Tables and the One Method to Avoid.

    • Table Formatting: Exploring the Design and Layout Tabs on the Ribbon

    • Selecting Tables Column Row Using Mouse

    • Deleting Columns Tables and Rows

    • Entering Editing Table Data

    • Invisible Table

    • Create Table Using Excel Table

    • Inserting Excel Data Linking vs Embedding

  • 10


    • Creating Charts

    • Change Chart Data

    • Editing Charts

    • Importing Excel Charts: Linking vs Embedding, Copying & Pasting, Pasting as a Picture

  • 11


    • What are Transitions? Applying Transitions.

    • Transition Effects. Transition Duration vs Slide Advance

    • Clearing Transitions

  • 12

    Proofing & Printing Presentations

    • Proofing Presentations

    • Printing Presentations and Saving Them as PDF

  • 13

    Running Presentations

    • Running Slide Shows, Hiding Slides, Custom Slide Shows

    • Running Slide Shows: Annotations

    • The Presentation View

    • How to Run a Slide Show at a Kiosk

  • 14

    Slide Masters

    • Intro to Slide Masters. Adding your Logo to a Presentation

    • Multiple Slide Masters. Preserving Slide Masters.

    • Slide Masters: Creating Layouts.

    • Using the Slide Master to Change Your Presentation's Fonts

    • Setting Slide Headers and Footers

  • 15

    Notes and Handout Masters

    • Setting Up Handouts Master. Printing Handouts.

    • Saving Handouts as PDF

    • Swtching from Handout View to Normal View

    • Creating Notes Master. Setting up Header and Footer. Saving as PDF.

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